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Blossom Leilani Crawford

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Blossom Leilani Crawford is the owner and director of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her playful and powerful teaching methods, which she developed during the seventeen years she worked with Pilates Elder Kathleen Stanford Grant. Since then, Blossom has made it her mission to expose each one of her students to the joy and satisfaction that comes from intelligent exercise.

Blossom had the good fortune to be introduced to Pilates by Kathy Grant in 1993, during her first year as a dance student at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. A venerated teacher, Kathy was one of only two people to personally receive her Pilates teaching certification from Joseph Pilates himself. Blossom was impressed by the effect that Kathy's exacting and intuitive approach to Pilates had on maintaining and healing her body, and continued to study with her throughout her rigorous dance program.

After three years of working with Kathy, Blossom became her Teaching Assistant at NYU, an honored position that she held for over a decade (1996-2007). With Kathy's encouragement, Blossom went on to pursue private study with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanoyska. She received her Pilates teaching certification in 1999, after six hundred hours of practice and observation.

Blossom's current work is a blend of her own considerable experience, Romana's more traditional set of training methods, and Kathy's flexible and demanding style. She is known for her ability to seamlessly integrate Pilates lineages as the situation demands, and for her insight into Kathy's work. The diverse stylistic approaches Blossom can access on the spot has made her a sought after Pilates instructor at conferences throughout the United States and abroad.

In January of 2006, Blossom opened Bridge Pilates to ensure a space where all styles of Pilates are present and honored, as Kathy had always taught her. In addition to teaching private sessions, workshops, and conferences, Blossom is a faculty member at Mark Morris Dance Center in downtown Brooklyn, where her vigorous group mat classes are open to the community. Most importantly, Blossom is the fiercely proud mother of two children-which means balancing the career she loves with her desire to get dinner on the table in time!

"I highly recommend Bridge Pilates. Blossom is an extraordinary teacher and a wealth of information. She has dedicated her work, not only to the teaching of Pilates exercises, but to its history, as well, which is essential. She is the real deal." Read more

— Michele D., NY

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Chloe Douglas

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Chloe first discovered the Pilates Method in her Physical Therapist's office in her hometown of Los Angeles after sustaining a dance injury. Because Pilates had maintained her strength, mobility and focus throughout her injury, Chloe was able to complete her BFA in Dance at New York University in 2005, and start her career dancing for choreographers like Neomie LaFrance and artist Tino Sehgal. Chloe deepened her Pilates practice with Kathy Grant and Blossom Leilani Crawford at NYU. Her Pilates certification was received under Caitlin Cooke and Jennifer Deluca at Body Tonic, Brooklyn in 2005. She is also a certified Yoga instructor, who received her training at the Sivananda Center in Kerala, India in 2007. Chloe makes exploration and care of the body a focal point of her life. Chloe's sessions epitomizes the balance and flow she seeks in and outside of the studio. She lives in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn with her film-maker husband, adventurous daughter and sweet rescue dog.

"Chloe was the first Pilates instructor that I ever had. When we first met, I couldn't even touch my toes. Over the six years that we worked together, Chloe patiently and lovingly helped me improve my flexibility and core strength. I feel better and am healthier today because of Chloe's training." Read more

— Amy S., NY

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Stephanie Macli

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Stephanie was introduced to Pilates in 2001, while studying for her Bachelor's degree at Quinnipiac University. She instantly discovered that Pilates was the only exercise that gave her the strength and stability she needed. After graduation Stephanie became certified through Power Pilates in New York City under the leadership of Bob Liekens and Susan Moran-Perich and began teaching full time. In 2010 Stephanie joined the Bridge Pilates family.

Stephanie customizes each Pilates session to focus on her clients' individual needs and goals. With all of her clients, she stresses awareness of the body, building strength, creating balance, and discovering how the method integrates into their everyday life.

Stephanie continues to take classes and workshops to further her knowledge and enhance her teaching. After years of practicing Stephanie is still able to find new ways to benefit from Pilates.

Stephanie Macli is a wonderful pilates instructor that makes you feel comfortable and able to try new and challenging sequences... Through working with Stephanie I am much more aware of my posture, I have become stronger, more flexible, and she has really helped me heal and prevent the neck pain that plagued me for years. Read more

— Karin S, NY

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Jessica Sansone

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Jessica Sansone has been teaching since 2003 and was certified through The Pilates Studio of New York, now known as Romana’s Pilates. An avid martial artist in Kung Fu, Kajukenbo, and a runner for many years, Jessica experienced a sacroiliac joint injury and found that Pilates was the only form of exercise she could practice without re-injury. Inspired by the precision and control of the Pilates Method Jessica chose to study Pilates seriously and began training to be an instructor in 2001. In 2010, when Jessica gave birth to her son, she experienced a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles, a common occurrence in pregnancy. In her efforts to reverse this, she worked with a Physical Therapist to master the unique care needed in working with pregnancy and postpartum clients to ensure the chosen exercises are appropriate to their needs. Jessica draws on her training, years of teaching experience and personal physical challenges to customize safe and challenging workouts. When Jessica isn’t in the studio working out, she enjoys playing with her family, cooking and spending as much time as she can outdoors.

I have had a herniated disk in my lower back (L-4/L-5) for six years and was petrified to start an exercise regime, but was encouraged by many doctors to try Pilates. Jessica has increased the strength and flexibility of the muscles in my abdomen and back in particular, drastically reducing my back pain. Read more

— Ann Fryer, NY

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Kelli Workman

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Kelli Workman, a certified teacher of the Ron Fletcher Comprehensive Pilates Program, is an Arizona native. She has 17 years of experience teaching Pilates at various gyms, Miraval Resort and Spa, and the Fletcher Pilates hub, Body Works Pilates, under Kyria Waugaman. As Adjunct Faculty at Body Works, Kelli taught in the Fletcher Foundational and Professional Programs, developed a mentor teaching program for new teachers, and helped prepare students who presented Pilates 4 Youth at the PMA, supporting and co-teaching their segment. Kelli is also a performing artist with over 25 years of experience as a director, choreographer and multi-disciplinary performer. Her extensive experience as a dance teacher includes teaching pre-Pilates exercises to support students’ dance training and overall health. Seeing, supporting and coaching students’ and clients’ bodies over many years allows Kelli to recognize and respond to different movement patterns and learning styles quickly. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Phoenix which greatly informs her teaching and connection with clients.

Kelli’s personable, focused and comprehensive approach translates through breathwork, apparatus, Matwork, and even through zoom, as she continues to cultivate her mastery of teaching techniques, physical cues and personal connections. Pilates is not only corrective and strengthening exercise but a mind/body approach to how we live our lives. Kelli is passionate about helping clients make those connections that will help them move through their day understanding their optimal movement patterns for their body, and feel confident while doing it. Having relocated to NYC in 2020, Kelli is loving her new home with Bridge Pilates, learning from Blossom, and her expanding Pilates community!