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Whether you are new to Pilates, or have years of experience behind you, we recommend our one-on-one sessions for getting the most out of your visit with us. Private sessions allow us to tailor each workout directly to your needs, which ensures that you will be properly challenged no matter your initial skill level. Our instructors will monitor you closely and prompt you with detailed feedback as they adapt each exercise to your body and your goals.

Because each person's physical history is unique, Private Sessions are the most effective way to reach your goal. Although most of our clients prefer to get the full benefit of Pilates by continuing Private Sessions with us for many years, some need only a few sessions to reach their goal. At Bridge Pilates, we are open to your needs, be they large or small.

Private Sessions are ideal for:

An Introduction to Pilates: Stay safe in group classes. If you are new to Pilates, we strongly recommend you take several Private Sessions before you join a group class. Because each person’s body is unique, we firmly believe in the importance of familiarizing yourself with Pilates under careful guidance. Taking just a few Private Sessions will help you learn to gauge your own movements, and keep you safe in larger classes.

Strength Training: Compliment your existing exercise routine. We will help you round out your fitness routine by giving you ways to engage your full body in your work outside Pilates. Our instructors will evaluate what your current workout is lacking, and give you exercises focused on bridging those gaps. Pilates is one of the few training methods that focuses on the entire body and fluidity of movement, which makes it an excellent addition to most forms of exercise.

Pre- and Post- Natal Fitness: Keep your body strong and comfortable. Practicing Pilates will prepare your body for pregnancy, and expedite the post-natal healing process. Although Pilates has been proven a safe and beneficial form of exercise during pregnancy, extra special attention should be paid to the needs of each client in such a time of change. All Bridge Pilates instructors have experience guiding women through all three trimesters and after childbirth. In addition, we offer certified pre- and post- natal instruction upon request.

Rehabilitation Post-Injury: Restore your strength and mobility. We believe that in order to regain full fluidity of movement after an injury, it is important to address your entire body, not just the site of injury. Private Sessions give your instructor a chance to evaluate both your points of weakness and your body’s method of compensation. Using exercises designed specifically for you while being attended to by a skilled practitioner will keep you safe, comfortable, and confident while you regain your former strength.

No matter your reason for joining us, your personalized workout will typically include the Reformer, the Wunda Chair, the Pedi Pull, Matwork, and other props.

Private Session pricing varies by instructor, starting at $90/55 minutes.

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Semi Private & Duets

Duet Sessions more

Duet Sessions give you and a friend the benefit of private instruction with a discounted rate. To get the most out of your Duet Session, you should closely match your partner’s skill level, and share similar fitness goals.

Bridge Pilates encourages clients to bring their own duet partner, but we are happy to find a match for you upon request. No matter your reason for joining us, your personalized workout will typically include the Reformer, the Wunda Chair, the Pedi Pull, Matwork, and other props.

Duet Session pricing varies by instructor, starting at $120/55 minutes.

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Continuing Education Workshops

Continuing Education Workshops with Blossom Leilani Crawford more

A note from Blossom:

“In 2006, I opened Bridge Pilates. I named it Bridge not only because it is between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, but because a bridge is a means to get to a desired place. My goal was to make my studio and workshops serve as a bridge from my own interpretation of Pilates to that of my mentor, Kathy Grant.

“My experience with Kathy is unique in that I was able to get to know her work over the course of seventeen years—ten of which I spent as her teaching assistant at New York University. I traveled with her to workshops all over the country, and spent countless hours with her in the studio, where we laughed, sweat, and sometimes developed exercises together.

The time since Kathy's passing in 2010 has been sad but enlightening. I lost my mentor, but she left me the great joy and responsibility of continuing her legacy. In the past few years, I have done my best to share her work with the greater Pilates community. Opening Bridge was part of this mission, and I have been fortunate to have spent the past few years examining, sharing, and marveling at all that Kathy taught me.

My workshops include images, stories, and unique perspective from the many formative years I spent under Kathy’s wing. However, as a voracious learner, I enjoy incorporating material from all of my experiences into my workshops. Classical Pilates, which I learned through receiving my certification from Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska, is another main component of my teaching. The six hundred hours I spent observing Romana gave me insight into the benefits of other styles of Pilates, much of which I try to include in my teaching.

My workshops are never exactly what either Kathy or Romana taught me; I found out a long time ago that I can't teach any other way but my own. Instead I blend what I learned from my mentors with my own guiding principles: my desire to understand the purpose of each exercise and its variations, and my belief in working hard and enjoying life.

A student recently told me, “I came to you to learn Kathy Grant's work. I continue to work with you because of you.” It is my goal to inspire the same feeling in you through my workshops.

A sampling of Blossom's workshops:

  • Accessible Matwork
  • Round Out Your Practice in a Barrel Exploration
  • Wunda Chair Wonders
  • Kathy Grant's Cats and Beyond
  • Before the Hundreds
  • Reformer Refresh
  • Connected Arms, Strong Torso
  • Pilates and Props
  • Cadillac Fun

For a schedule of upcoming workshops look for “Where to Catch Blossom Next.” If you are interested in attending a workshop at Bridge Pilates, please sign up to be on our mailing list. If you would like to host one of Blossom’s workshops, please email Blossom at

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Where To Catch Blossom Next?

Friday Afternoons

Join Blossom for her weekly mat classes online every Friday @ 1:30pm EST.
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August 13 - 14 | Pilates Garage, Centennial, CP

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October 2 - 3 | KinecticMKE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

→ Workshops and Matwork classes ←

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Pilates on Tour, Colorado 8/2006

“I can hardly express how much I appreciate your spirit, heart and your skill. Everyone that attended your workshop said you did a fantastic job. Several said they felt like you were channeling Kathy. I expect you were. Students who have truly taken on a teacher learn to embody the teachers work seamlessly and naturally and I think this is what you have achieved. ….I know you will find a way to carry her spirit (mixed with yours) forward into the future.” - Nora St. John, Director of Education at Balanced Body University

Pilates on Tour, Boston 9/2012

“3 hours went so fast! Great exercises- Blossom’s teaching encourages one to think outside the box."

“Blossom was really fun and different than what most can be- very interactive."

PMA conference, Las Vegas 11/2012 for Blossom’s "Kathy Grant Cats and Beyond" workshop

“Generous, lively, upbeat, warm energy, very positive, informative and all inclusive.”

“Blossom is lovely and engaging. Great info and presentation. Went through applications in a variety of settings. Would very much like additional workshops with her. She was intent on everyone trying the work- much appreciated.”

“Finally a good session with material to bring back home and improve my knowledge. Thank you.”

“Great passion, humor and flow of the workshop. I appreciate the precision of each Cat coupled with the element of play and discovery. Thank you.”

“Great speaker- kind and open. I love that she allowed us to try the moves on our own bodies!”

“A lot of information and a different style. Fun information to take away and experiment with at home.”

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